BUZZY-LOVER and Practice Nurse, Linda had this to say about Buzzy…

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"I am going to rave about Buzzy and we don’t even have children in our Practice!

I work at Student Health with mainly young adults. We originally got Buzzy for the patients who needed monthly Bicillin injections – the consistency of these are thick and viscus and are given with a large needle – as a result they hurt like heck. The patients find that using the ice packs with Buzzy helped them tolerate the injection better, and the comments are really positive.
I have started offering Buzzy to anyone who looks at me sideways when they need to have an injection, and have only ever had positive feedback which is wonderful. As yet I have not used it other than when giving injections, but would certainly consider it in other circumstances to try and confuse the pain pathways and for distraction for the patient."