BUZZY Healthcare Basic Pack

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BUZZY Healthcare...for hospitals, medical centres, immunisation services and more!

BUZZY is a small vibrating device designed to help block sharp pain and provide distraction during medical procedures.

cooling pad is placed behind Buzzy, and Buzzy is placed between the brain and the pain (usually on arms or hands). Turn Buzzy on and leave him in place during the procedure. The patient's attention is taken away from the needle and pain and focused on the cool, vibrating buzzy bee.

Our BUZZY Healthcare Basic Pack is perfect for:

  • - Hospitals (all departments)
  • - Medical Practices/Doctors Surgeries
  • - Paediatric Departments
  • - Emergency Departments
  • - Immunisation Services
  • - Patients (children & adults) with needle phobia

Our BUZZY Healthcare Basic Pack contains:

  • - Vibrating BUZZY Bee (durable medical plastic surface allowing for hospital grade cleaners)
  • - 4 x reusable multi-patient slip on Blue Gel Ice Wings
  • - 1 x yellow comfort strap
  • - Instructions
  • - Batteries

Made in USA

"I work as pain management nurse in a children's hospital. I use buzzy every day. It's great with shots, blood draw, lumbar puncture, and even bone marrow aspiration... Buzzy is fun and useful. I use it along with DistrACTION cards…"  Anne T