What do people have to say about Buzzy?

April 2017

Di Waldron works in Queensland, Australia as a School Based Youth Health Nurse and she was eager to trial Buzzy for us. Here’s what she had to say…

In which situations you have used Buzzy?

In State High schools during year level vaccinations.   250 students were vaccinated, some receiving 2 injections.  AS I don’t have permission to share the students names or pictures, I can say it was a cohort of year 7 students receiving their DTP vaccination (Diphtheria, tetanus and Pertussis- Whooping cough), and HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine.

Many brave teenagers were reluctant at first to have assistance, but many others choose to use Buzzy.  As the vaccinations went on, more were opting for using Buzzy after seeing the difference in behavior of the students who felt pain and discomfort, and those who were more comfortable during the procedures.

Tell us about ease of set up and use of Buzzy…

Buzzy was very easy to set up.

The packs were put in a freezer the day before use and kept stored in a lunch bag on a freezer block when not in  use.

Describe one or two particular situations

We identified the year 7 students who were feeling anxious and they were offered to go first with the nurse as moral support and of course Buzzy.

The students were still feeling anxious but were keen to try Buzzy after he was explained and they got to try him.

Interestingly- after seeing the anxious children be OK with their injections, many more students opted to use Buzzy!

Buzzy was applied to the shoulder prior to the vaccination and the coldness and vibration was such a powerful distraction that some students were unaware they had had the needle.

Tell us how you think Buzzy could help in your workplace…

Obviously for vaccination blocks!

Buzzy can also assist in the first aid area where students have received an injury.


Shannon’s Review of Buzzy

March 2017

Shannon works in a busy Emergency Department in Queensland with a large number of paediatriac patients. She was keen to trial Buzzy for us and here’s what she had to say…

What Shannon loves about Buzzy?

Buzzy works!  I trialled Buzzy on a number of teenagers requiring IM injections and I was very happy with their response. They were keen to use him (never too old!) and were very happy with the reduction in pain and anxiety! I also used Buzzy for 2 finger pricks on a 3 year old and a 5 year old and they both laughed and said he tickled!

A four year old patient with needle phobia needed a blood sugar test and tetanus shot. I introduced her to Buzzy, we set him up and turned him on and she loved him! She asked if she can have him next time she needs a needle!

In terms of ease of setup and use, Buzzy is so easy and simple to set up and use. I practiced on my children prior to my shift at work but honestly there was no need as Buzzy is very straightforward.

Spreading the Buzz

Colleagues in my department had heard of Buzzy and were keen to also trial him so I ended up leaving him there at the end of my shift. Those who weren’t familiar with him were intrigued and also very keen to have a go.  I had four doctors just in one shift ask me to explain him and also got an email from my NUM regarding the trial and his success.

Thanks Buzzy, you’ve been a great success during my week’s trial.

“We have just had our second successful blood test using Buzzy . . . so happy the investment was so worth it!”

“We went from screaming and held down to “I never felt that” – totally recommend!”

Hoping you could pass along the word that this is a fantastic product. Such a small thing that has/will make his visits more bearable. Wish we had it a lot sooner and that they are available everywhere. – Christine

“It’s miserable to fear shots so much, especially at my age, but I finally took Buzzy and my flu shot was amazing. I really did not feel a thing.” – Dianne, age 59

“I had no idea that she had even stuck me…This is a huge step in life for me. Thanks again for this wonderful Buzzy!” – Matt

“Using Buzzy has made our home shot routine incredibly easy.” – Amy

“My 5 year old had his immunizations the other day, we stuck Buzzy on and started asking the questions on the distraction cards, he didn’t even realise the nurse had finished. Brilliant product!” – Kate