Frequently Asked Questions

Are you on the Vendor List for Australian Healthcare providers?

Yes we have vendor numbers for NSW and Queensland, please let us know if you need help ordering for your hospital.

We are a healthcare provider or charitable organisation, can we get a discount for bulk orders?

Please contact us by phone (+64 3 329-6790) or email ( for discount bulk rates. We are happy to help.

How much does shipping cost?
We have a standard freight price for any size order (excluding bulk pricing) of $9.99.

Which payment methods can I use?

  • Credit card (Visa and Mastercard),
  • Bank Transfer

For more information on Payment and Shipping click here.

Does Buzzy have LATEX anywhere?
No, there is no LATEX in Buzzy anywhere and no LATEX in the wings either.

What are BEE-Stractors?
Bee-Stractors are colourful cards with finding and counting tasks, providing distraction away from procedures. Bee-stractors can fit inside the slot in Buzzy’s tummy, or the parent, caregiver or nurse can hold the cards while asking the child the questions on the back.

Do I really need to use the ice pack?
The cold adds about 60% of the pain relief in older children and adults. So, yes, use the ice pack unless it bothers the child (usually younger than 2 years) or if there is a sensitivity to cold. The white wings have a soft side that children might like better than the shiny side or the blue wings. Unless there is a sensitivity to cold, Raynaud’s or sickle cell disease, Buzzy works better with ice. They MUST be frozen solid for best effect, but can be held in
a hand rather than at the site.

How long does it take for the ice packs to re-freeze?
The Blue Gel Wings will freeze solid in about 30 minutes in a good freezer. The white ice wings take about 1 hour.

How long do ice packs stay frozen?
The Blue Gel Wings stay frozen about 10 minutes at room temperature, the white ice wings stay frozen about 10-20 minutes. Both wings will stay frozen 3 hourswhen sandwiched inside the Travel Cool Bag or flat freezer packs in an insulated bag.

Does the ice pack need to be frozen solid?
Yes. Otherwise, the squishy gel absorbs the vibration.

Can Buzzy be used at the Dentist?
Yes. Vibration travels better through hard body parts (bone) than soft (fat), so placing Buzzy directly on the maxilla (upper jaw bone) or mandible (lower jaw) closer to the ear than the middle of the face helps. Buzzy’s vibration is strong, and the ice pack should be frozen for the most intense blocking, so make sure you or your patients experiment with Buzzy first for a few seconds to get used to the BUZZ and cold. As with any needle procedure, leave Buzzy in place during the injection; Buzzy works in the same way that cold running water soothes a burn.

Battery questions: how do you replace the battery? what size batteries does buzzy take?
To replace the batteries when they’re getting wimpy, unscrew the three screws at the back. Two AAA batteries last with good strength for about 20 hours. Lithium ones make BUzzy lighter and may last longer.

Can we get spare parts? Ice wings, distraction cards etc?
Yes. You can purchase these directly from our website or contact us by phone (+64 3 329-6790) or email ( for specific requests.